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The Charity Retailing variant of WinRetail handles the specific requirements of Charity Shops, including all aspects of Gift Aid. The system is designed to be
‘Volunteer Friendly’; it is quick and easy to use and requires minimal training.

The system is entirely flexible and can be engineered to suit the specific needs of the end user.
Goods can be sold at Department level or can be identified more precisely using a barcoded labels attached to goods.
The system has been designed so that it has no single point of failure and is not reliant on a constant broadband connection.



+ Registration of donors for Gift Aid is simple


+ Easy to identify and record sale of goods from registered donors


+ 21 day letters are produced on demand


+ Integrated Debit/Credit card processing reduces errors


+ Handles the sale of ‘New’ goods using EAN barcodes


+ Contactless ‘Wave & Pay’ option gives another way to pay

+ Round up customer payments to add as donations

+ Accept CAF cheques

+ Cashing- Up Simplified


+ Stock can be properly ‘managed’ and re-distributed


+ Encourage Up-Selling to increase spend

+ Centralised management of all shops

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Client Testimonial

"We decided to roll-out [WinRetail] to all 4 sites over one weekend; this was a tall order for Corby+Fellas and required careful planning. On the day all went well and I was very pleased with efficient way in which Corby+Fellas carried out the switchover from the old to the new system; it all went very smoothly and exactly as planned, without any loss of trading."


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