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The WinRetail e-commerce system is an optional add-on designed to help boost sales and turn your business into a true multichannel retailer. You can add an e-commerce store to WinRetail in much the same way you would build a new physical bricks and mortar store.


The e-commerce sub-system has the advantage of being able to link to a generic stock database, so there’s no need to maintain separate records for the web sales side of your business. The stock information available at point of sale is also available over the internet. Retail prices may differ but sales data, including pictures, is shared.

Full integration means that operations such as purchasing, stock control, sales order processing and sales analysis are all handled in exactly the same way as physical stores. This approach has clear benefits over the use of a stand-alone e-commerce site where:



+ A separate stock holding has to be maintained.


+ Purchase orders for the web-store have to be raised

independently or the stock transferred from one system to



+ Sales analyses do not form part of the overall retail sales



+ It is difficult and time consuming to maintain consistent

retail pricing between the physical stores and the

e-commerce store.


In addition to the benefits of full integration, our e-commerce add-on produces a wealth of statistical information that can be used to maximise the performance of your site.



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Client Testimonial

“We chose Corby+Fellas’ retail system because we felt that we could work in partnership with them: the system is designed and developed entirely by Corby+Fellas, so we weren’t having to deal with a third-party provider; and they were willing to enhance WinRetail to suit our specific needs. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”


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