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Information Kiosk

The Kiosk is an optional sub-system of WinRetail that can be added to a retail management system at any time.
Kiosks can be located anywhere in the store as a way of improving the customers shopping experience. They can help to increase sales by giving customers access to a wide range of information regarding the products and services that you offer.


Kiosks can be used to:


+ Provide detailed information about products including

variants, alternatives and general information regarding their

use and care


+ Establish a store or merchandise directory to show

customers item location and availability


+ Enable customers to order items that are not in stock or

that may too bulky to take away. This expands the range of products available for sale


+ Establish and maintain a Gift Registry for weddings,

birthdays and other special occasions


+ Gather feedback and suggestions from customers


+ Enable customers to enrol on loyalty programs


The Kiosk is particularly suited to DIY stores, Garden Centres, Office Supply Stores and other specialist outlets where customers often need detailed information about products. For example, Garden Centre customers can obtain information about the care of a particular plant they intend to buy, such as best location, type of soil, suitable plant food, flowering season and so on.

The Kiosk comprises of a touchscreen monitor with a PC securely located at the base of the unit. Peripherals, such as a Chip & PIN terminal or receipt printer can also be accommodated. The software included allows the end user to design and configure the screen layout to their specific needs.

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