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The WinRetail Mobile Module utilises rugged, hand-held radio frequency (RF) terminals to extend the use of the system to the floor of the store, warehouse or distribution centre. Terminals connect wirelessly to the stock database, enabling processing to be carried out in real-time without the constraints of a desktop computer.

The Mobile Module is flexible and easy to use, offering near identical functionality to a fixed terminal. The lengthy menu of functions includes:


Purchase Order Receipts

Select an incoming order and simply scan the product barcodes; the system quickly and accurately records the stock received and highlights any shortages, unrecognised barcodes or over-deliveries.

Price Checking

Simply scan a product barcode anywhere within a store to check the price displayed on the shelf matches the price at the till. Any mismatches can be quickly corrected.


The laborious process of stocktaking is made easier and more accurate. As the process is in real-time, the stock taker is immediately warned of any unrecognised barcodes and the counted quantities can be used to update the stock system without delay.

Purchase Order Creation

Items can be re-ordered on the move. The user selects a supplier and simply scans the barcode of each item to be ordered, keying in the quantity needed.

Print Price Reduction Labels

The use of the module can be extended with the addition of a mobile Wi-Fi printer, allowing price reduction labels to be printed on the shop floor. These labels have a special barcode containing the items Stock Code, a Price Reduction Reason and the new, reduced price.

Stock Transfers

Stock can be transferred from one store to another quickly, easily and accurately. The recipient store is nominated, the items are scanned and quantities to be sent are recorded. At the receiving store the goods are scanned in and any discrepancies recorded. The stock levels are adjusted accordingly.



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