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Pop-Up Store Systems

More and more retailers are improving their selling opportunities by opening temporary, Pop-Up stores for short periods (maybe just 1 or 2 months).

Many are opened to take advantage of sales opportunities, such as Christmas; whilst others open simply to test the popularity of a new product range or as a precursor to opening a permanent store.

In a highly competitive world, such temporary outlets are expected to operate as efficiently as their permanent cousins..... and that can present a problem. But not for Corby + Fellas!


Historically, retailers who have had a requirement for temporary or ‘pop-up’ stores have been forced to use either a manual system, with handwritten receipts, or perhaps a good old fashioned “Arkwright” cash register. Neither of these options could possibly provide any level of inventory management, nor could they provide efficient customer data capture.

In addition,  it is essential that the stores are set-up and wound-down very quickly, otherwise much of the benefit of having a short-term lease can be lost.

We have the experience, technology and the expertise to help you with the rapid deployment of real-time EPoS systems. Where connectivity is available, either by LAN, Wi-Fi or indeed 3/4G, then ‘pop-up’ tills can be used as if they were in a fixed location.

There are many benefits to having a roaming EPoS solution at events or pop-ups, such as: accurate customer data capture, fast real-time transactions, real-time stock management, secure returns, gift cards, loyalty schemes, promotional activities, customer order processing and stock replenishment .

We have been supporting our long standing customer, Hawkins Bazaar, with their temporary Christmas stores over the past 10 years; providing all the support and services they need. This has proved to highly successful



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Client Testimonial

“During the Christmas trading period we make extensive and effective use of temporary ’pop-up stores.
Once Hawkins's Bazaar agrees a temporary lease on a store, it is imperative that the rollout is completed in a matter of days.
Experienced Corby+Fellas operations staff move in quickly to set up, deliver, configure and install a complete PoS system.”


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