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WinRetail Store Management

The Corby+Fellas WinRetail Store Management system supports Point of Sale operations within each store. It provides security back-up and links to a remote or local head office server for all sales transactions from every Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) terminal.

The Store Management system runs on a dedicated back-office PC, linking to every EPoS terminal within a store via a local area network. The software allows authorised users to remotely connect to the Head Office system to handle Stock Control, Sales Analysis, Stock Replenishments and so on.


The Store management system can be used to:


+ Cash-up and reconcile takings off the shop floor for safetyand security

+ Manage banking of cash and cheques

+ Track cash movements in and out of tills

+ Transmit sales and receipts data to Head Office

+ Receive product information and price updates from Head Office

+ Monitor EPoS terminal activityl

+ Update EPoS terminals with product information and price updates

+ Record stock receipts from distribution centre or suppliers

+ Back-up sales data from all EPoS terminals in real-time

+ Advise store managers and supervisors of pending priceupdates

+ Record staff time-sheet data

+ Print product and shelf-edge labels


In addition to these features, the WinRetail Store Management system provides a quick and accurate way to restore data in the event of EPoS terminal failure.



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“We were impressed with how smooth the installation process was with Corby+Fellas, this was a huge improvement from the implementation with our previous EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) provider. The support leading up to going live and after going live has been brilliant and having the project manager on site for going live put our minds at rest.”


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