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Advanced Warehouse Sub-System

The Advanced Warehouse system of WinRetail is an optional add-on, which handles the control and management of warehouses and distribution centres. It supplements standard warehousing module of WinRetail, which forms part of the core system.


The Advanced Warehouse system is designed to meet the needs of larger retailers who require a comprehensive distribution programme to handle the management of warehouse stock, from receipt through to eventual distribution to stores.

The system allows goods to be stored dynamically, meaning a single stock line can be held in multiple locations. This eliminates the need to designate particular areas to specific stock, giving staff the freedom to use whatever space is available and saving time and effort. The system knows the exact location of all stock at all times.

Stock may be stored at fixed locations or in movable storage units, and can be moved pack by pack or en-masse, according to specific requirements.

Picking stock is a straightforward process, as the system ensures that items are picked in a logical order. Multiple pickers can be deployed to pick stock for a single store.

The use of Radio Frequency (RF) hand-held terminals ensures that stock can be located, moved, checked, picked and dispatched with ease, without the need for printed lists.


The Advanced Warehouse system handles:


+ Pre-delivery processing

+ Goods Receipts

+ Reporting Shortages and Breakages

+ Returns to Suppliers

+ Stock put-away

+ Inter-Location Movements

+ Stock Picking

+ Dispatch of Goods to Stores

+ Stocktaking

+ Performance Monitoring



This optional system is easy to use and turns the management of distribution centre stock in to a simple, logical and efficient process.



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