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EPoS (Standard)

WinRetail’s EPoS module is a thoughtfully designed and intuitive touchscreen Point of Sale system, giving you all the benefits of a computer based till system.

It is fast and easy to use: presenting till operators with an unambiguous, clutter free screen, which gives prompts and information relating only to the process in hand; making it fast and simple to use, reducing the risk of error or fraud to a minimum.

The WinRetail EPoS module has the benefit of being fully integrated with VeriFone’s Chip @ PIN payment system for processing payments made by Credit or Debit cards.

EPoS (Enhanced)

The standard EPoS module can be switched to optimise it for use in self-service Cafes. Operators are presented with straightforward on-screen menus from where they select the customer’s choices. This module links to one or more kitchen printers to which requests for food that requires preparation/cooking are sent, together with any special requests or dietary requirements (e.g. no mayonnaise, extra cream, no butter).

EPoS (Restaurant)

The restaurant variant of the EPoS module is designed for those businesses that have extended their offering beyond a self-service cafe style operation, offering customers a full restaurant operation with waited table service.

One of the great features of this module is its hand-held table service module, enabling waiting staff to become more efficient and flexible. They can take food/drink orders directly from customers at the table and relay them to the kitchen/bar without having to walk back to the kitchen or to a standalone terminal at the counter. The system uses hand-held devices connected to a wireless network that enables information to be communicated from anywhere in the restaurant.

EPoS Credit/Debit Card Payments

WinRetail’s EPoS module is fully integrated with VeriFone’s xxx Chip & PIN terminal, which handles fully secured Credit & Debit card transactions. Using the PAYware Merchant software your customers will have the peace of mind that they are being protected by the latest fraud prevention initiatives.

PAYware keep sensitive data safe as it is fully PCI DSS compliant, protecting both your customers, your business and your reputation.

EPoS Sale of Weighed Goods

WinRetail’s EPoS module has the option to link to weighing scales (including Mettler Toledo, Avery Berkell, Bizerba, etc.) to enable foodstuff, seeds, etc. to be sold by weight. In addition, the system is capable of reading and interpreting price embedded barcodes that have been generated by stand-alone label printing scales.

Store Management

All EPoS terminals link to the Store Management sub-system, which covers store specific functions, such as: Cashing-Up, Reconciliation of Takings, Transference of Data to/from the head-office central system, Data Security and Data Backup. All sales transactions are mirrored on a dedicated Store Management server to aid recovery in the event of power or communication failure.

Inventory Control

The stock holding for each store and warehouse (warehouses are optional) is recorded on a database, which is updated, in real-time, every time a sale is made. The stock database holds a myriad of detailed information about each stock item within your inventory. This may include stock that is available for sale, dormant or obsolete.

All stock transactions including shop sales, receipts, transfers or adjustments are recorded in detail; making it very easy to view the movement of every line via an array of enquiries and reports

Purchase Order Processing

The Purchase Order Processing module makes the creation of purchase orders very straightforward. P/Os can be created from scratch or can be generated using historic or projected sales data. It is also possible to use previous orders as templates for future ones and to generate orders using hand-held data terminals.

Purchase Orders can be placed for each store/warehouse separately or a composite order can be placed, instructing the supplier to make drops to the stores/warehouses that need them.

Limits can be set on the minimum and maximum value of an order, which can be varied based on the person placing it. Further limits can be set so that certain orders may have to be vetted before they can be placed.

Sales Order Processing

Customer Sales Orders can be created through three possible channels; enabling customers to place orders:

  • In person, at an EPoS terminal
  • Over the telephone
  • Through the web using the integrated e-commerce channel.

Whatever the source of the order, the data is channelled to the distribution module for picking, packing and despatch or collection from a store or warehouse

Mobile Computing

A real-time Radio Frequency (RF) module, handles a wide range of mobile functions using rugged hand-held terminals. The terminals are, in effect, small touchscreen PCs that have integrated barcode laser scanners. The terminal connects over an RF network to WinRetail’s stock database, allowing processing to be carried out on the move. This module handles many functions, including: Stock Receipts, Price Checking Stocktaking, Purchasing, Branch Transfers, Price Markdowns, Queue Busting, Stock Picking, etc.


The fully integrated E-Commerce sub-system is an option that allows fully integrated virtual store/stores to be operated as an extension to the physical sales outlets. Full integration means that such operations as: purchasing, stock control, sales order processing, sales analysis, etc. are all handled in the same way as the physical retail outlets. The module links with courier services in order to handle the delivery of goods; it also handles click and collect orders, giving your customers a comprehensive and fully flexible service.

Warehouse/Distribution Centre Management

This module provides a sophisticated pack tracking style of warehouse/distribution centre operation. It handles the receipt, storage, location, movement and distribution of stock in real-time. It manages both the internal requirement for store replenishments and the fulfilment of customer orders placed via the web.

CRM/Retail Intelligence

Many successful businesses use data to drive growth and improve the customer experience. In order to do this they must capture, process and report on customer data to be able to launch and monitor effective marketing campaigns. The Retail Intelligence module provides you with the necessary tools.

Business Analytics & Reporting

One of the key elements of a useful business system is the ability to accurately measure the business’s performance. This requires the extraction and analysis of large amounts of data and its presentation in a format that is clear and easy to understand. WinRetail is able to do this by using a powerful Business Intelligence (BI) tool to produce reports, graphs, enquiries, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and dashboards, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Accounts Interfaces

WinRetail is designed to link to accounts’ packages that have an API (Application Programming Interface) available. It has already been linked to several well-known packages, including: Sage 200, Sage Line 50, Unit 4 Dream, Advanced OpenAccounts, Xero, etc.

Interfaces to Third-Party Software

It is sometimes necessary for us to interface to systems provided by a third party; this requires a great deal of skill, knowledge and experience. Fortunately, we have the technical ability to create interface between WinRetail and third-party systems. This includes SAP’s ERP system, which is used world-wide.

Activities/Events Bookings

This module is used by several of our garden centre retailers who run special events/attractions where places are limited and tickets need to be issued. Examples include: winter skating rinks, Santa’s grottos at Christmas, Easter and Halloween activities, demonstrations, lectures and tours. The module allows bookings to be made on-line or at till point. It’s especially useful for controlling timed events where numbers of participants are limited by capacity.

Epos Features

The Corby+Fellas advanced touch-screen Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) system is designed to be fast, intuitive and easy to operate. The touch screen eliminates the need for complicated keyboards or multi layered menus. Operators only see choices that relate to the current operation, ensuring speed and simplicity.

The powerful software installed on our EPoS systems offers:

  • Integrated debit/credit card processing aids security and error free transactions
  • Operator messages linked to products to aid up-selling (e.g. “3x AA Batteries Needed”) or to warn of risky items (e.g. “Knife Sale is customer 18+?”)
  • Security features including multiple operator access levels to help prevent theft, fraud or unauthorised use of system
  • Product look-up menu to handle items that cannot bescanned
  • Promotional pricing with pre-set start and end dates available to support special events
  • Sales orders that can be quickly and easily created at a till
  • Flash pricing and multiple bar codes per stock line
  • Pre-pay gift cards that are easy to promote, with little risk of theft or fraud
  • Loyalty Card Schemes to improve customer loyalty and help generate sales
  • Queue Buster facility to keep customer queues at the till to a minimum
  • Special Customer feature allowing preferential terms to be offered to specific customers
  • Quantity Price Breaks to cater for ‘bulk’ buyers who expect extra discounts
  • Easy to use interface, keeping training to a minimum and reducing possibility of errors
  • Quick and secure customer returns, reasons for return easily recorded
  • Vouchers issued with receipt to encourage customers to return to store
  • Multiple payment types, geared to suit individual retailers
  • Cafe module to handle the specific needs of cafes and restaurants
  • Transactions backed up in real-time to ensure data security
  • Links to self-serve kiosks to provide additional customer services

Our touch-screen tills are designed to be robust, reliable and immune to water and dirt, keeping maintenance costs to an absolute minimum.

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