Managed Services

We provide all the services needed to set-up and maintain a reliable retail management system, from its inception through to the day to day operations. We do this by using our highly skilled in-house team, together with our strategic partners.

ImplementationSystems Design & DevelopmentConsultancySupport & MaintenanceBespoke Applications

Hardware Supply

Our core business is the design, development, deployment and support of system software. Nevertheless, we also supply all the necessary hardware needed, including: EPoS terminals, receipt printers, barcode scanners, hand-held data terminals, weighing scales, kitchen printers, servers, etc.

Hardware/Software Installation

We have a team who are responsible for implementation and commissioning of new systems; this includes: arranging the delivery and installation of hardware, implementing software, converting data from legacy systems and importing data from external sources (e.g. from suppliers), etc. In addition, we have a strategic partner who can supply and support cabling and any Wi-Fi infrastructures that may be needed.


Thorough and comprehensive training is essential to the success of implementation; so, this is an area where we never cut corners. Our training programs help to ensure that your system runs smoothly from the outset and that your staff’s need to call for support is kept to a minimum.

Training is generally carried out at our office in Gt. Yarmouth, which we find works best, as the trainees are outside their normal working environment with fewer interruptions likely. However, we are happy to give training at any venue that suits your needs

Project Co-ordination

Once you have decided to install WinRetail, there is a period of preparation needed to ensure that the transfer from your old system to the new one runs smoothly. Our approach is to set up an implementation project, which we coordinate as part of our services to you.

Project Co-ordination covers: general administration of the implementation plan, liaison with third parties (e.g.: electricians, network specialists, shop-fitters, etc.), attendance at project meetings, pre implementation telephone/internet support, general advice & guidance, etc.

Systems Design/Development

WinRetail, is powered by Progress©, a highly-integrated application development tool and Relational Database Management System. Our team of experienced developers design and develop WinRetail using Progress, which gives us the flexibility to create software that suits the specific needs of our customers.


Corby & Fellas has enormous experience in the design, development and implementation of retail IT systems. Consequently, we are well placed to act as consultants to your businesses if you are:

a. Considering using an EPoS and Retail Management System for the first time.
b. Wanting to change your existing EPoS/retail management system
c. Having problems with your current system and/or system provider and need advice and guidance on your best course of action.

We will carry out a full investigation and produce a detailed and unbiased report with our recommendations.

Software Support and Maintenance

Software maintenance includes the provision of periodic updates and enhancements and improvements to the software. Updates are usually carried out twice a year, via a secure internet link, at dates and times to suit your operations.

On-line software support is provided by our team of support engineers. Initial contact is over the phone and, if necessary, the engineer will link to your live system via the web to carry out online diagnostics before taking any action that may be required.

For non-urgent problems/requests, we have an on-line ‘ticketing’ system. ‘Tickets’ are recorded. logged, and prioritised. Further information may be required with answers provided via email.

Support service is available to suit your normal trading times (including evenings, weekends and bank holidays). However, if you have our e-commerce sub-system then support, for this element, is available 24/7, throughout the year.

Bespoke Work and Software Modifications

Our team of experienced software designers and programmers have the expertise to produce bespoke applications that will link to our WinRetail package or that can stand alone. All work is fully specified, with written functional and program specifications being produced and agreed before development commences. This ensures that both parties are not faced with any ‘surprises’ and fully understand the purpose and scope of the work being undertaken.

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