HTA Gift Cards on Sale at Aylett Nurseries

Aylett Nurseries in St Albans has just completed a successful trial selling the HTA’s Garden Gift Cards.

These gift cards, which are redeemable at hundreds of garden centres throughout the UK , have, until now, only been sold through special ‘gift card displays’ in high street stores and supermarkets.

Garden retail outlets do not currently sell HTA Garden Gift Cards but this is about to change following the trial.

The HTA Gift Cards, unlike paper gift tokens/vouchers, have no value until they are activated at a PoS terminal; so they can be safely held and displayed anywhere within a garden centre without the worry of theft.

The EPoS module of our acclaimed WinRetail Retail Management System has been upgraded to handle the activation and redemption of HTA Garden Gift Cards.

Cards can be sold via WinRetail’s EPoS module using a standard Chip & PIN payment terminal to ’charge’ the cards up with the required amount (e.g. £10, £20, £30, etc.). On redemption, the card is passed through a Chip & PIN terminal, which decrements the amount needed to pay for purchases.

Card holders can enquire at a PoS terminal to determine the balance that remains on their card. This balance is printed on every sales receipt when the gift card is used in payment Furthermore, a customer can opt to have a mini-statement printed showing the last six gift card transactions.

Cards have the ID of the individual retailer embedded in them, so that they can only be used to purchase goods from participating

This type of gift card, known as a ‘White Label’ pre-paid card, is a simple way to establish a gift card scheme that spans groups of independent retailers, HTA garden centres being a prime example.

Aylett will be fully implementing the sale of HTA Garden Gift Cards from Thursday 6th August.

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