It is with pleasure that I write to endorse the Corby and Fellas EPOS system.

After investing in a system by one of your competitors and having the unfortunate realisation that things were not working as smoothly as they should, I decided to look for a more efficient system and more reliable technical support.  So  after a brief conversation with Alan McCammon and a subsequent presentation from Corby + Fellas, I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and install C&F across the group and I have to say even with the deadlines imposed on your team by myself, the installation process went without a hitch. In fact, I could not have hoped for a better nor smother installation process, so thank you for that.

Your system has proven to be robust and intuitive enabling our operators to adapt and adopt almost immediately. It is also worth noting the relaxed attitude my till operatives now have due to the confidence they have in their abilities to navigate and rely on their till. This in turn has had a positive effect with the whole team and customers alike.

I now look forward to making better use of the back-office functionality that your system provides which I have no doubt will trigger cost savings and efficiencies to my business.


Mark Winchester, Managing Director, Blackbrooks Garden Centres

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