Testimonial from Grovewell Garden Centres

Grovewell Garden Centres established by Edward Boult in 1999,  with the transformation of a plant nursery to garden centre  in Tenterden, is a family owned and operated business. Building upon the success of his first site, the business has expanded with four garden centres, all in Kent now part of the Grovewell family.

Having run without an EPoS system since their inception, a decision was made in 2019 to introduce an integrated Retail Management Control and EPoS system.

Matt Davies, who is in charge of EPoS operations said:

“We decided to review the market to see what systems were likely to suit our particular needs and style of operation. We looked at several ‘possibles’, all of whom had garden centre experience. We arranged for software demonstrations and spoke to several garden centres that had recently introduced EPoS systems, to see what experiences they had.

I was very impressed with WinRetail from Corby & Fellas(C&F), and having seen a demonstration of their software we decided that C&F comprehensively ‘ticked’ all our boxes:

  • WinRetail has an excellent track record and is well rated amongst its users as being comprehensive, robust and reliable
  • They are experienced in dealing with garden centres, with a long list of garden centre customers, both large and small
  • Their online and telephone support service is well regarded, with positive feedback on response times and service levels
  • They have experience in implementing EPoS systems into sites with no previous EPoS experience which, of  course, applies to us
  • They have been established for a long time (since the 1980s I believe) and are clearly a well-run and stable business   

We made our decision to run with Corby & Fellas at the beginning of the year, and started the implementation process in June (2020). We provided C&F with the data needed to create the various files and tables needed. I must say that the whole process went very smoothly, and we were able to go live with a pilot site, in Canterbury, during September. After one month, the pilot was deemed to be successful and we rolled out the system to our other three centres.

We really appreciate the reliability of their system, the team have found it very user-friendly and we’re all excited for the future

I’m happy that we chose Corby & Fellas and pleased to say that they and their software are living up to our expectations.”

Matt Davies

EPoS Manager

Grovewell Garden Centres

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