Testimonial From Sharon Allan FD, Klondyke & Strikes Garden Centres

Prior to installing Corby & Fellas WinRetail system in 2015 Klondyke and Strikes Garden Centres didn’t have an EPoS or a Retail Management System. The company hadn’t had enough confidence in the available systems to make the considerable investment required in hardware, software, training and service across our 22 centres in Scotland, Northern England and Wales

However, in 2014 we decided that we would reconsider our position, so we began the process of evaluating systems to see if things had changed to our satisfaction. We invited several vendors to submit proposals; eventually coming up with shortlist of two candidates, both of whom were well established IT companies with experience of supplying systems to garden centres. We asked both organisations to visit our head office in Polmont to give in-depth presentations of their software, to answer questions from our senior management team and to explain how they could satisfy our needs.

Corby & Fellas impressed us on several counts:

  1. They had installed systems into garden centres that had no previous experience of running a Retail Management system. This included Hillier Garden Centres, a long-established business with an ethos very similar to our own.
  2. C&F design and develop their own software (WinRetail) and are not supplying a third‑party package. This gave us the confidence that they were ‘masters of their own destiny’ and had the flexibility to enhance and modify the system to meet our specific needs.
  3. They had an enviable record for providing high quality support, which was borne out by the enquires that we made amongst their existing customers.
  4. All their customers, to whom we spoke, were happy that they had made the right decision in selecting C&F and WinRetail.
  5. They are a well-established and stable company, having been in existence for 35 years, with a loyal and well-trained work force.

In early 2015 we installed several pilot sites. This was a condition of our contract with C&F; had we not been happy with the pilot sites we had the option of going no further. I’m pleased to say that the pilot sites went well, and we began a full roll-out in the summer of that year.

We have now had the benefit of running WinRetail for over four years now. The system and the service that we receive are both excellent and the introduction of WinRetail has been of great benefit to Klondyke.

Therefore, I have no hesitation in recommending Corby & Fellas as provider of first-class retail systems.


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