We Don’t Just Deal with Multi-Site Retailers

Over the last 30+ years we have built up a reputation for developing, deploying and supporting first class Retail Management software.

Our WinRetail software is used by a wide range of retailers including several large, multi-store organisations. We are very adept at handling the specific issues around the control of multiple stores, be it for two, ten or a hundred outlets.

However, the fact that we have multi-site retailers among our customers doesn’t mean that we do not deal with retailers who operate from a single site. In fact, it is essential to the future of our business that we have a mix of single and multi-site users, be they large or small.

We have several prominent single site customers, including:

    • Aylett Nurseries
    • Bourne Valley Garden Centre
    • Busy Bee Garden Centre
    • New Atlantic Country Superstore
    • Vanstone Park Garden Centre
    • Camden Garden Centre
    • Fakenham Garden Centre
    • Almondsbury Garden Centre
    • Johnsons of Boston
    • Goulds Garden Centre

Camden Garden Centre is especially interesting, in that it is also a charitable trust , which offers employment, vocational training and educational opportunities to disadvantaged people. This means that the users of the system come and go, so it’s important that the system is easy to understand and to use. The feedback from the Camden team is very positive and they are particularly pleased with the new contactless payment system.

WinRetail is unarguably a comprehensive software package, nevertheless its design is based on the premise that, however big an organisation is, the software is used by people. And each one must be able to understand and have confidence in what they are doing.

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