Well done to all that took part in the Henstead Hike 2017

So far £650 has been raised, which over £200 was by Corby + Fellas and their employees! The money raised will be for a defibrillator for the school and local community use.

Last Friday, the children of our Sales & Marketing Manager Kim and grandchildren of Chris Corby took part in a challenging coastal walk, along with Kim and Chris Corby’s wife, Rosie Corby.

The hike was from the most easterly point in Britain, Ness Point in Lowestoft, to their school which is approximately 10 miles away.

Tabatha (aged 10) completed the full walk which was close to 13 miles. Elliot (aged 5) joined the walk towards the end and completed an impressive 3 miles, of which he ran as he was determined to ‘win’!

If you would kindly like to donate please follow the link below and quote on the donation ‘Tabatha and Elliot’ and any message.


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