WinRetail from Corby & Fellas is the system of choice for Simpsons -GTN Xtra Article

Simpsons choose WinRetail from Corby & Fellas.  Colin Harrison of Simpsons Garden Centres explains why.

“Simpsons Garden Centre Inverness was established more than 20 years ago, and is located in sight of the spectacular Moray Firth.

“During 2020 we acquired Happy Plant Garden Centre, based some 100 miles away, in Mintlaw in Aberdeen-shire. Happy Plant is one of the largest garden and gift centres in north east Scotland, and is a 4 Star Scottish Tourist Board Garden Centre.

“As a result of the expansion we decided that we should replace our existing, single-site, EPoS and Retail Management Control system with something more advanced and sophisticated, capable of handling multi-site locations.

“We carefully researched the market for suitable systems, paying particular attention to the experiences and opinions of garden centres who had gone through the decision process that we were about to embark on. This led us to speak to several centres who were experienced users of EPoS and retail software. Some of those that we contacted had chosen to install Corby & Fellas WinRetail package; this included The Old Railway Line GC, who were happy C&F users, praising them for both their technical ability and for the quality of their support.

“After careful consideration, we chose WinRetail, and decided to start the installation process in March 2021. Given the constraints caused by the pandemic, this wasn’t the ideal time to switch systems, but nevertheless we decided that we needed to ‘press on  regardless’.

“The data conversion, staff training and installation processes all had to be carried out remotely, as C&F could not attend on site. All the necessary hardware was shipped to us in Inverness from where we orchestrated the physical installation of the equipment. C&F then carried the loading of data and installation of software by remote  on-line connection.

“The training – which was excellent – was carried out using Microsoft Teams, which allowed us both to interact very effectively. Although not as good as face-to-face training, it was a great substitute, and got the job done. In addition, C&F undertook the process of migrating the data from our old system to WinRetail. This also went very well, with all data being converted without loss or corruption.

“All in all, I am very impressed with Corby & Fellas, whose good reputation seems to me to have been well earned. They have produced an excellent package in WinRetail, which is thoughtfully designed, comprehensive, robust and reliable. I’m also pleased to say that this is backed up by a first-class on-line and telephone support service.

“I am happy to be able to recommend Corby & Fellas and their WinRetail package to you.”

Colin Harrison

Simpsons Garden Centre

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