Yorkshire Garden Centre (YGC) group has invested in new EPOS technology at its two newest sites.

Corby and Fellas have recently installed new EPOS systems at Otley and Bingley Garden Centres to improve efficiency and streamline the centres with the rest of the group.

“The installation brings all systems and processes in line with Tong and Tingley, gives us data across all four sites and creates an environment for us to make better business decisions,” said YGC Head of Finance, Katie Young.

“In addition, the consumer benefits include an improved till experience, and our team benefit from a more intuitive, easy-to-use system.”

The installation was overseen by Diane Farrar, Group Tills and Customer Services Manager; Group IT Manager, Jason Wright and Jemma Jones, who was promoted from Tong to a Senior Supervisor role managing the revamped Tills and Customer Services department at Otley Garden Centre.  She is responsible for ensuring accurate till records across the store and engaging the team of 15.  “This is a huge improvement for our team, not just for front-end users who now have a much simpler till process, but for back-end users who will benefit from improved stock control processes. The excitement from the tills team is very encouraging, and the new system’s benefits are easily visible, so we’re all very pleased.”

Otley and Bingley Garden Centres are part of the Yorkshire Garden Centres (YGC) group that also owns Tong and Tingley Garden Centres.

Established in 1983, Corby and Fellas have installed over 1,300 point-of-sale systems in over 250 locations across the UK, including 50 independent garden centres.

Pictured, from left to right: Jemma Jones, Tina Spencer, Katie Young and Diane Farrar, team members at Otley Garden Centre.

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